Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

The following meeting minutes have been approved for publication by members of the Kiwanis Club of Hailey and the Wood River Valley:

Kiwanis Mission: Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world one community and one child at a time.

Meeting Minutes – January 10, 2018

Present at the Meeting: Dale Ewersen, Errol & MaryAnn Flynn, Kim Baker, Geegee Lowe,
Pam Williams, Bob Wiederrick, Shirley Spinelli
The meeting was opened with an Invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Elections were finalized for 2018.
A motion was made by Dale Ewersen to accept the election of the following officers;
President – Kim Baker
Vice President – Bob Wiederrick
Secretary – Jerry Reinke
Treasurer – Errol Flynn
Geegee Lowe seconded the motion. All in favor.

Errol presented a full financial report to members. He is working on an end of the year report. He had several questions – all were answered and he seems to have a full grasp of his new position as Treasurer. Thank you – Errol.
Geegee went to the Key Club meeting this morning. Kat Thorpe, Becky Duncan are the advisors and Calvin Geissler is President of the club. There are approximately 25 members. The students are an enthusiastic bunch. They are looking for a new fundraiser as the Climb the Mine snowmobile event has been cancelled due to lack of snow. They are going to try an have a raffle during the Senior Project night – Monday February 12th – 5:30 – 7:30. We are invited to attend. Mark your calendars. There was discussion on bringing back a scholarship program. TBD at a later date.
Hailey Chamber of Commerce is looking for sponsors for the Skateboard Competition in late June. For Kiwanis it is too close to 4th of July to be involved with the event day but we will contact them to make a presentation.
Bob W. will check in with the City of Hailey and Stephanie Cook to see where they are on the Balmoral Park plans for this spring. Bob may have gotten us past the $10,000. mark with cans and it would be nice to get planning what and when for a playground structure (Pavillion) and maybe more. Also, we want to make sure the City is still on board with a matching grant. It also has been suggested that we might be able to order a few wheelchair accessible Tables for other parks – Lions, Heagle, Foxmoor or Deerfield. Each table costs about $800.
Kim reported that we gave away over 120 coats this year so far. We are so greatful for the Seagraves grant monies to help out those in need this winter. Pam added that more sweatpants for classrooms are needed in Shoshone. We will get them to them.
Pam is discussing with the Bank as to whether they would like to host a Kiwanis Membership Night in their new building. TBD also at a later date.
Next meeting will be held at the Valley of Peace Lutheran Church, Wednesday January 24th, at 11:30 A.M.

Minutes submitted by Geegee Lowe

Minutes – October 12, 2016

PRESENT: Jim, Bob, Dale, Lorna, Geegee, Kyle
Meeting opened with an Invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance
Jim is filling in for Kim who is with family during a time of need. Prayers are being sent her way.
Minutes were approved.
Geegee and Lorna read stories at Head Start for the first time this school year. Hopefully we can attend a Key Club Meeting (Wednesdays 8:00 AM) and see if they would like to read also or participate on another level.
We will be giving $260 to the Hailey Chamber to help with Hailey Halloween Hoopla and the kids “Costume Contest”. Prizes will be given to “THE TOP THREE” of each group. The contest will go from 3:30 – 5:00. The contests will happen every 15 minutes. FUN! Bob volunteered to show the Sun Valley Center and Chamber our way of doing the contest.
Bob and Dale are actively sending grants and attending grant possibilities such as “The little Black Dress Club” (Bob’s Halloween Outfit), Rotary, Women’s Charitable Org. as well as others.
Soccer stantions have been ordered and will be placed at Balmoral Park. There are liability issues that are being addressed by the City, BCRD and BCSD. Balmoral Park is our next park project. The City of Hailey is conducting a public survey ( to help pinpoint the best venue for the new park and structures needed.
With the temperatures falling – its “Koats for Kids Season”. We are in good shape to help those in need.
Meeting was adjourned.
Thunder Mug: ?
August 31, 2016


PRESENT:  Lorna, Bob, Geegee, Pam, Kim, Kyle, Tom Wangman, Jerry

Meeting opened with an Invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance 


Kim is absent helping her family. Keep her and her family in your prayer.

Lorna handed out several financial statements: Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual,” a “Balance Sheet” showing what is in each account, and “Profit & Loss” statements. Discussion and explanations were informative.

The group took a look at our membership list. We now have 16 members and could lose four of those, so again, it was emphasized that we need to find new members. Jim pointed out that when it comes to membership, the national organization has seen that membership is almost exclusively purpose driven. People will join if they see something important being done. Our club does several important things that we need to “sell.” Jim will help put brochures and other material that would be helpful for members to talk to others. Tom pointed out that there is “value added” to the person who participates, so this needs to be said by us as well. This idea prompted some discussion and some personal stories that demonstrated the value of participating in a club like Kiwanis, and the need for younger people to be built up by participating.

Jim encouraged the members to help with Wagon Days Pancake breakfast.

Request for Kiwanis International Foundation. They requested $50 per member to help with international projects helping children. (in the past we have helped provide iodine and the “eliminating” of Neonatal Tetanus) The group decided to give $180.  On the District level, the House of Delegates recommended that each club give $150 to help with scholarships on the district level. This, too, will be done.

Thunder Mug $8

Jerry Reinke, Secretary

March 9, 2016

Present: Bob Wierderrick, Pam William, Lowell Thomas, GeeGee Lowe, Jerry Reinke, Lorna Hazelton

The Meeting was started with an Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes from last meeting were approved

Snow Box Derby – There were 11 entries, we had the fastest run of the day. There were four from Syringa, but the other public schools were not represented well. Next year we might promote it in the schools more. Publicity should be put out about a month early. Everyone enjoyed the firefighters entry (a fire truck), especially when they used the siren on the real fire truck when their entry went down the hill. It was said that it was just as much fun to see the entries and watch their travel down the hill as arriving at the bottom in a good time.

Park Program – Bob met with the parks and land board at Eagle Park. They looked at placement of the equipment in the space available. It shouldn’t take too much change to fit our equipment. It is still unknown if the city has accepted our proposal, but as soon as they do we can begin purchasing the equipment. The old equipment will be taken out and donated to another small community (Stanley?).

This Monday, at 2:00 Muriel Miller and Tracy Anderson want to meet with us at City Hall about Balmoral Park plans. They have some ideas regarding soccer goals and BB hoops, among other things.

Home and Garden – Lorna has put together an information sheet and application form. GeeGee will put the information on the City Council website. Lorna should have this available for next meeting. It was hoped that the earlier date would fit better with Garden businesses so they could participate before they get too busy.  Concessions is still uncertain, whether the Ice Rink will sell food.  We still don’t have any $500 sponsorships.

Key Club – no report.

New Business –we still need a new or interim president when Bob works on his referendum. Both Pam and GeeGee said they were busy. But GeeGee indicated that she would be willing to help if no one else is available.  It was noted that it may not be too long, and Bob could mentor whoever serves.

Lowell reminded everyone that the car show will be held Aug 6.

Thunder Mug – $5

Sincerely, Jerry Reinke, Secretary

February 11, 2015

*Presentation from the Papoose Club. They are hosting the 59th Annual Kindercup Race this year and they are in need of additional funding to cover costs. The Kiwanis Club donated $300 for the event and presented the check.

*Home and Garden Show on May 16 and 17, 2015. Lorna, Autumn and Sterling have taken lead on this event this year and have already reached out to last year’s participants.

*Donation to family of Ryker Gray – Ryker Gray is a two year old little boy from Hailey who recently suffered major burns on his head and upper body. The club voted to give the Gray family $500 from the emergency funds to assist the family.

*Head Start – 5 members read to the children today. Also, the club will purchase 6 sets of 20 books from Scholastic for $120.

*Membership Committee – In an attempt to better utilize our volunteers and gain more awareness and possibly new members, there was more discussion about making a formal volunteer group. Also brainstorming on how to gain new members. The idea of a Kiwanis Club Ambassador Group has been brought up. Bob, Autumn and Jim will be working on this and also discussing member drive events.

*NEW MEMBER – Please extend a warm welcome to Paul Cavallo. He joined us during the meeting.


February 4, 2015

*White Elephant in the Room: Mary opened discussion on the focus of our club in 2015, the direction and goals we want to achieve and overcoming current apathy.  It was resolved that our focus should be on:

  1. Membership Drive in 2015
  2. Review Annual Events (how many events in year?)
  3. Review Budget

*Mentoring program was discussed for events and committees with one Mentor, Committee Chair/Co-chair with three year rotation, volunteer roster and calling list.

*It was agreed to go forward with the Home and Garden Show in May.  Lorna, Autumn and Sterling will be the committee organizers.  Mary and Russ have volunteered to help with the organizing of the event.

*Membership: Discussed the option of Ambassadors Club of non-paying, non-voting members who would attend the meetings, volunteer and contribute ideas.  This was taken under advisement.  Bob will spear head the Membership Drive Committee with Jim and Autumn.

*Further discussion of events throughout the rest of 2015 will be determined at March/April meeting.


October 15, 2014

*Naomi Spence, Assoc. Dir. Hunger Coalition came as our guest speaker.  The Hunger Coalition has a new kids’ hunger program called, “Daily Bites”.  A lot of needy, hungry children in the schools were being missed for the food/snack programs due to paperwork, but didn’t qualify for the free meals at school etc.  There have also been bus scheduling problems where buses arrive after the free meals are served.  The Hunger Coalition has devised a program, Daily Bites, to fill this gap.  All of the elementary schools have been asked to designate a “pantry” in their building that can be stocked with snacks by the Coalition.  All of the schools have agreed, and the Libraries and YMCA wanted a pantry as well. The Coalition is looking for monetary contributions rather than food donations due to the diet restrictions at the schools and the fact that they can buy bulk quantities at reduced rates. Naomi asked our club to consider monetary contributions, and also help them spread the word and promote the program.  Naomi offered us a partnership with the Coalition at their Thanksgiving Holiday Basket event on the 24 of November at the Community Campus (we would distribute our K Koats). This event serves 450 families or about 1,800 people. Our president, Mary, thanked Naomi for coming and told her she would bring this back to the club for discussion.

*New members: Vaelene, manager at Zion’s Bank (and a former volunteer at our events).

*Key Club: Mike said there was no meeting today.  He announced that there is interest this year from some of the members to attend the Key Leadership Camp in Cascade in June.

*K Koats for Kids: The club discussed this program. Russ mentioned that Deseret Industries has a tremendous overflow of clothing that they have shredded into blankets. He will check to see if that might be another resource for us.  Another club member offered to contact the Ski Swap to see if we can get their coats that didn’t sell. Shirley mentioned that she saw on TV where a ‘Coats for Kids’ organization partnered up with local cleaners to prepare the garments for distribution.

*Stuff the Bus: This event is scheduled for Friday, December 5, from 12:00-4:00pm . So far we have 5 volunteers.

*Publication of Minutes: Russ asked/offered to put our minutes on the club website and Facebook. The club approved this action with some conditions.

*Winter Wonderland: Decorating this year will be after work for about an hour at the National Guard Armory on Thursday, December 4th instead of on Friday, December 5.


October 8, 2014

*Autumn called Scholastic Books to inquire about setting up an account in order to purchase books for the club’s volunteer activity of reading to the children enrolled in the Head Start program. This year there are 20 children in the morning class and 16 in the afternoon class. Autumn will submit application and check prices.

*A club calendar is being put together to track activities, suspense dates, deadlines and other club information as needed. Anyone with any of this information, please contact Autumn Haskell. This calendar will be posted on our website and will be private and just for members.

*Reading at Head Start. Would it be easier to meet that at 11:30am, then go straight to meeting and end the meeting by 12:30? This was brought up in an attempt to keep the activities to one hour over lunch. Also, we will try to avoid speakers on Wednesdays that we read to the children so we can allow guests plenty of time to present.

*Head Start is in need of volunteers to ride the bus with the children from Tuesday through Friday at 11:45am and at 4:20pm. The route takes about an hour and a half. Volunteers must be 18 and able to lift children (mostly 3 and 4 years of age) in the event of an emergency. Please call 208-788-0082 to volunteer.

*Shirley asked for volunteers for a budget committee. Lorna, Heather and Bob are interested.

*St. Luke’s Health Fair is Saturday, November 1. Andrea Walton needs volunteers to sit at table. Coats can be distributed to children. The coat rack is in storage at the armory.

*Stuff the Bus is Friday, December 5 from 12-4 in King’s parking lot in Hailey. Autumn, Heather and Lorna have volunteered to assist at this event. Mary will be working with Leisa to get information on organizations to receive donations.

*The organizations will be presented to club at future meeting.

*Bob presented an idea for a donor plaque at Deerfield Park. He is going to get costs together to see if it is a good option. Bob will also be documenting parks in the area so the club can put together a list based on needs. Also so the club can have before and after photo documentation. The idea was proposed to request that Deerfield Park to be renamed Kiwanis Park.

*The club discussed what outside activities should be posted on the website and Facebook page. The conclusion was that as long as it benefits the children of the valley and we aren’t being asked for more than to share the event, it will be generally OK. If Russ has questions he can contact officers for a group approval.

*The club needs to revisit our connections in the schools so we can provide coats where needed. We have a lot of coats currently and need make sure we are getting them out to those in need.

*Jim discussed that a satellite club in Shoshone has been asked for approval by the city of Shoshone. The club will need a parent club and would our club be interested. It was discussed and possibly Jerome would be better to help increase their membership.

*The club received $500 check for recent recycling.

*Key Club will be working with IDFY to set up a haunted house during the Halloween Hoopla by Jane’s.

*Key Club is working on a possible bike rodeo in the spring with the help of Hailey Police and Fire Departments.


October 1, 2014

*New Club Officers in place:

  • Mary Caldwell – President
  • Bob Wiederick – Vice President
  • Shirley Spinelli – Treasurer
  • Autumn Haskell – Secretary
  • Vacant – President Elect

* New Officers need to see Pam Williams at DL Evans to be added to accounts and sign paperwork. Autumn will provide Pam with meeting notes to document changes on signature card. Members to be taken off accounts are Kim Baker and Dale Ewerson. Members added to accounts are Mary Caldwell and Autumn Haskell. Bob Wiederick, Shirley Spinelli and Lorna Hazelton remain on accounts.

*Membership invoices have been prepared and distributed.

*October 8 will be first reading to children at Head Start. Shirley Spinelli provided books for this month. This year there are 20 children in the morning and 16 children in the afternoon.

*St. Luke’s Health Fair will be held November 1. Kiwanis will have a table and will be able to distribute coats. Need to track down the bar to hang coats on for this event. Andrea Walton has volunteered to “man” the event. Need more volunteers for this event.

*The Deerfield Park Project article in the paper would be great to have displayed at events.

*Stuff the Bus was discussed again. The event will be Friday, December 5, from 12-4, in the King’s parking lot in Hailey. The donations will be dropped off or picked up immediately following the event. No need for our club to store or distribute items donated. The club will need to choose organizations that will receive the items.

*Winter Wonderland will be Saturday, December 6. The hope is to set up Friday evening. This will require volunteers that may also be assisting with Stuff the Bus. Need to make sure we have a roster to give breaks and keep volunteers busy. Need an idea of volunteers so Shirley can prepare.

*The club will not participate in the Festival of Trees this year due to lack of availability. We will revisit it next year.


August 27, 2014

*The grand opening for Deerfield Park is set for September 9th from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

*Lorna announced a benefit for Hailey firefighters this evening at the Wicked Spud.

*She also provided an update about the purchase and distribution of school supplies.


August 20, 2014

*Bob Wiederrick presented an update on the Deerfield Park playground equipment installation.

*Lorna reported that the school district is requesting community volunteers to greet students on the first day of school and handout pencils and smiles.


August 13, 2014

*Our program was a presentation by Jill Irish and Darrell Harris with The Advocates.


August 6, 2014

*Lowell Thomas reviewed the Car Show.

*President Lorna Hazelton led a discussion on the overall focus of our club.

*Autumn Haskell suggested that a club calendar is necessary.


July 30, 2014

*Final plans for the Car Show were reviewed.


July 24, 2014

*Lorna announced the rodeo concession profit is approximately $7,000.

*Bob Wiederrick announced that the new playground equipment will be delivered on July 22nd.

*Lowell detailed the help needed for the Car Show.


July 16, 2014

*President Lorna Hazelton listed extra items from the rodeo concession that are for sale.

*The new park equipment was discussed.

*Updated club bylaws should be adopted.

*New officers should be elected.


July 9, 2014

*The rodeo concession was reviewed, including staffing, the menu and purchasing our own tables and popcorn maker.

*Lowell Thomas presented an update on the August 2nd Car Show.


July 2, 2014

*No meeting.


June 4, 2014

*Our guests were fellow Kiwanian Jim Vaughn and club scholarship recipient Lily Rivera.

*Secretary Dale Ewersen passed around the Hailey Memorial Day ceremony program. Our club received significant recognition for helping with the event.

*Utah-Idaho Governor Jim Spinelli and Lowell Thomas are forming a committee of citizens to help the Memorial Day ceremony organizer.

*Club members voted unanimously to donate $300 to the Do the Right Thing program, which recognizes youth who have made positive contributions to the community. Michael Walton suggested that the program should be presented to the Key Club.

*The menu for the rodeo concession was reviewed.

*Lowell presented an update about the Car Show.


May 28, 2014

*Craig Aberbach and Jeff Gunter presented the ‘Do the Right Thing’ program, which reinforces positive behavior among youth.

*The club received recognition on the Memorial Day Ceremony program.

*Lorna noted that Webb Garden Center will donate a percentage of sales on June 7th to the Papoose Club.

*Ice cream will be served at the rodeo concession.

*Lowell Thomas suggested that donations to the park project should be collected during the 4th of July parade.

*Shirley Spinelli presented the initial financial report for the Home and Garden Show.


May 21, 2014

*Lorna recapped the successful Home and Garden Show. All vendor comments, but one, were positive. The time next year should be 10:00 am to 4:00 pm with plant sales included.

*An update on the Deerfield Park project was tabled.

*The Papoose Club donated $2000 to the park project.

*The rodeo concession was discussed as well as the Car Show.

*Carey High School student Lily Ann Rivera was awarded the Kiwanis scholarship.


May 14, 2014

*Becky Keefer, with the Hailey Parks and Lands Board, presented a $1000 check for the club’s park project. Thank you!

*Mike Walton reported on the successful BBQ held by the Key Club. Twenty new members were recruited. President Lorna Hazelton asked Kiwanis Club members if we should reimburse the Key Club for any financial loss realized from the bbq. No action was taken.

*Russ Nash proposed posting the weekly minutes on a dedicated website page, with a link on Facebook. The proposal was approved.

*Vice President Bob Wiederrick noted that the purchase of park equipment needs to be coordinated with the City of Hailey. Minimum equipment standards need to be met.

*President Lorna Hazelton and Bob will make grant request presentations to the Papoose Club. The purpose of the grants is to fund park playground equipment.

*Utah-Idaho Governor Jim Spinelli suggested a planning committee should be formed to outline future park renovation plans.

*Lorna provided an update on the May 17th Home and Garden Show. She requested volunteers to be available throughout the day.

*Autumn Haskell requested input on developing various levels of event sponsorship.


May 7, 2014

*President Lorna Hazelton recited the Kiwanis Mission.

*She updated members on the planning for the Home and Garden Show.

*Ushers are needed for the Memorial Day ceremony at the Hailey Cemetery.

*Today is the final day of the school year that club members will read to the Head Start children.

*The club discussed the merits of posting meeting minutes on Facebook.